Our Blended family Summer 2014

He who has health has hope. He who has hope has everything.                                          

                             Arabian Proverb


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Our Mission

To promote wellness, healthy living solutions, and create abundance in other people's lives by sharing doTERRA Certified-Pure Therapeutic-Grade essential oils and wellness products with our friends from around the globe.

We (Mark and Kathryn) have been happily married (to each other) since 2007. We each brought 5 children to the marriage (yes, our own children) to create a blended family of 10 children and 1 grandchild! Since then, we have just kept adding grandchildren and granddogs - oh yeah, and son- and daughter-in-laws.

We started using essential oils when we received a "Family Physician's Kit," by doTERRA, as a Christmas a gift. I had no idea what to do with them (neither did Mark). I had heard of essential oils but didn't know what they were, what they were about, or what one would do with them. A mini booklet came in the Family Physician's Kit. I opened it up and started leafing through it. I was intrigued by the information that seemed to jump off the pages as I flipped through the booklet. It was when I saw the word 'wart' that I stopped and took a closer look. It said to use Melaleuca (AKA Tea Tree Oil) for warts. I was quite skeptical that anything would work for my wart. I had a very large, painful wart on the knuckle of my pointer finger that was the size of my finger nail. I had been to the  doctor and had it frozen 8 times already, only to have it grow bigger every time I went. I had tried Compound W and many other treatments and remedies. Nothing was working.

You can imagine my excitement, along with skepticism, when I discovered something natural that could possibly help. I followed the suggested use for Melaleuca (Tea Tree Oil) by taking off the lid and putting 1 drop of oil on my wart. I did this twice a day for 2 weeks and voila! The wart shrank and disappeared! There was no pain, no sting, no scabbing, and no scarring. It just diminished. It has not come back, and no other warts have popped up in its place.

After that experience, I opened up the mini booklet with enthusiasm to see what other suggestions there were for other common ailments that could be managed with essential oils. I was hooked!

Since then, I have been engaged in the life-long pursuit of learning about how to use essential oils, the science behind them, their aromatic benefits, and their many uses that help promote wellness and healthy living solutions.

My desire is to share my passion for essential oils and what I learn to help others live more healthy, whole, happy, and abundant lives.

My husband and I are both excited and look forward to connecting with you either through a one-on-one consultation, an AromaTouch session, any one of our amazing, fun, and informative classes, or even sharing the business opportunity with you. 


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Our Blended Family Summer 2014

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