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Built on the foundations of Essential Oils 101, Beyond the Basics: Essential Oils 201 enhances and expands the student's knowledge, confidence, and ability to use essential oils wisely and safely for every member of their family. 

Class #1: Essential Oil Foundations 
Discusses essential oils application methods, including when to dilute oils. Explains extracting essential oils from plants and the different parts of plants used in extraction. 

Class #2: Daily Vitality 
Presents the idea that our daily vitality is dependent on our ability to make lifestyle changes in four core areas: nutrient intake, metabolizing enzymes, cleansing waste and toxins from the body, and supporting healthy intestinal flora. Includes benefits of the the Daily Nutrient Pack and the Life-Long Vitality Pack products from dōTERRA®.

Class #3: Weight Control 
Focuses on the importance of living a healthy lifestyle by making smart choices about diet, exercise, and cleaning the body and the dōTERRA® products that promote a health life. 

Class #4: Emotional Health and Mood Management 
Discusses how essential oils can effectively influence emotions and improve mood. Presents common emotional states with recommended oils for each. 

Class #5: Healthy Home and Body 
Outlines how various dōTERRA® products can be used to help promote healthy skin and hair, along with safe guarding the home. 

Class #6: Body Systems 
Looks at how each body system functions and how essential oils can help support each of them through a fun and interactive game of clue! 

Class #7: Introduction to the AromaTouch® Technique 
Discusses in detail about the what, why and how of the AromaTouch® Technique. 

Class #8: Essential Science 
Explains the science of essential oils in an accessible way. Begins with how oils are sourced, extracted, and tested. Continues with guidelines for blending essential oils—which oils to use and how much of each.

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While it is highly recommended to go through the series from class 1 to class 8, you may start anywhere in the series, as classes will be offered on a rotating basis. 

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