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He who has health has hope. He who has hope has everything.                                          

                             Arabian Proverb


...having your back and feet lightly rubbed for 45 minutes with a variety of wonderfully soothing and calming aromatic oils that magically calm your nerves and take the edge off those aches, pains and worries. 

One of our passions is to share and promote essential oil educational opportunities through our "Essential Oils 101" and" Essential Oils 201" (series) classes, and a variety of other stand-alone classes.

Classes are offered in the comfort of your home and at various other venues. Host a class with 5+ guests and receive free gifts! 

Classes are offered as group settings, as well as one-on-one consultations.

Take your education beyond the basics of how to use essential oils, applications, lifestyle, and more through this 8-class series.

It's time to focus on you! A 1-hour complimentary wellness consultation is just the perfect way to assess and address your needs.  



Estrogen & Women's Health
Addiction Recovery & Essential Oils
Aging With Essential Oils
Cleaning with Essential Oils
Medicine Cabinet Makeover
Keep Kids Healthy

Click here to book your AromaTouch/Hand Technique session

(Southern Alberta only)

This technique gives people a unique experience with essential oils and helps them maintain overall wellness. This technique has multiple benefits from stress management to boosting immunity. 

One 45-minute

AromaTouch session

with Kathryn

If you'd like to see more, check out this 1:58 minute video 

This technique gives people a unique experience with essential oils and helps them maintain overall wellness. 


Wellness Consultation

Essential Oils 201: Beyond The Basics

Other Classes Available 

Essential Education


Mood Management
Pregnancy & Beyond
Healing From Trauma
Succeed at school
Weight Management
Candida Albicans

Our Services

You are invited to experience

the AromaTouch Technique

or Hand Technique  

with Kathryn,

a certified AromaTouch



is more important


​​Essential Oils 101: Solutions for Healthy Living

Learn the basics of how to safely use essential oils for every member of the family.